Export ban for waste tyres hits the road

export ban

Australia’s world-leading waste export bans will stop the shipping of whole baled tyres for disposal overseas from today (December 1).

Sussan Ley, Minister for the Environment said that following the Morrison Government’s previous export bans on glass and unprocessed mixed plastics, today will signal the end of 61,000 tonnes of waste tyres being sent overseas each year.

Ley said the ban is already creating jobs in Australia with the government’s Recycling Modernisation Fund delivering increased domestic recycling capacity.

“We have worked with state and territory governments and industry to generate more than $600 million in turbocharging local recycling capacity,” she said.

“More than $24.4 million has been invested across tyre processing infrastructure projects around Australia which will generate more than 104,260 tonnes of tyre processing capacity, and there are more to come.

“New state-of-the-art recycling facilities are being established to recycle tyres into roads, playgrounds, athletics tracks, fashion items and other consumer products.

“We are taking responsibility for our waste, we are helping the environment and creating jobs.”

Trevor Evans, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction said Australia’s tyre export industry is well prepared for the ban.

“We understand that this is a big transition and that is why we are supporting industry to build new infrastructure and put innovative new technology in place.”

For more information visit: www.minister.awe.gov.au/


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