Extensive Oils: Gulf Western Oil

Extensive Oils: Gulf Western Oil

Gulf Western Oil’s Ben Vicary outlines the company’s ever-expanding range of lubricant solutions for the waste and resource recovery sector.

When the Federal Government announced its $190 million Recycling Modernisation Fund earlier this month, industry response was swift, with many highlighting the fund as an unprecedented milestone for recycling.

Pair this with a multitude of new state government waste and resource recovery strategies, and the sector is set for an unparalleled period of growth.

As highlighted in Waste Management Review’s recent interview with Gulf Western Oil’s (GWO) Ben Vicary, the functionality of vehicles and equipment within waste facilities is vital to resource recovery success.

“Given accelerating waste generation rates and high levels of capital investment, it’s important, now more than ever, that waste and resource recovery vehicles maintain high efficiency levels,” Vicary says.

He adds that lubricants, an often-forgotten component of waste and resource recovery operations, are critical to machine and vehicle maintenance in harsh, stop-start waste environments.

As a family-owned and operated business, GWO has been manufacturing maintenance products for the Australian market since 1988.

The company produces a wide-reaching range of products including diesel engine oils, petrol engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids, greases, cleaners, aerosols, coolants and a number of other speciality products.

According to Vicary, the expansive nature of its product line is one of GWO’s core strengths.

He adds that GWO’s Top Dog range, which features indestructible additive technology designed to protect high-powered, turbo-charged diesel engines, is well suited to the heavy-duty waste sector.

“Top Dog Indestructible has a unique formulation that contains performance enhancing and superior wear protection technology that exceeds the requirements of current lubrication specifications,” Vicary explains.

“This facilitates improved efficiencies, while reducing downtime within mixed fleets.”

In addition to Top Dog Indestructible 15W-40 GWO manufacture Top Dog CK-4 15W-40, Top Dog Global Plus 10W-40, Top Dog Global Mineral 15W-40 as well as Top Dog XDO 15W-40.

“Top Dog XDO provides superior protection against engine wear and sludge build up to ensure a cleaner engine,” Vicary says.

“The product also offers extended drain intervals, reduced oil consumption and excellent low temperature viscometrics for reduced wear on start up.”

GWO’s hydraulic oil range is similarly suited to the waste and resource recovery sector, with the company’s SUPERDRAULIC line formulated using advanced Zinc Dithiophosphate additive technology.

This, Vicary explains, provides superior protection against pump wear, excellent filterability, good thermal stability, low fluid / water interaction, excellent air release, foaming and demulsibility properties, and good protection against corrosion.

“SUPERDRAULIC is a range of premium grade, high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oils,” Vicary says.

“The range is formulated specifically for use in hydraulic power or control systems, either mobile or stationary, which are subject to temperature extremes.”

When it comes to greases, Vicary highlights GWO’s Black Tak Molyplex Grease.

This severe duty, five per cent molybdenum disulfide mixed metal complex grease has been specifically designed for waste, mine and quarry operations.

The product is specifically formulated for a wide range of equipment operating under heavy loads in the most difficult environments.

“The extreme pressure and anti-wear properties enable the grease to give long service life and outstanding boundary lubrication under high load and shock loading conditions from low temperature to very high temperature environments,” Vicary says.

He adds that Black Tak is one of 14 grease products supplied by GWO, with a specially designed HD Pistol Grip Grease Gun rounding out the company’s extensive grease offerings.

GWO also supply a range of pre-mixed and concentrate coolants, including Long Life Coolant Red.

“Long Life Coolant Red is a premium quality, organic, long life anti-boil/anti-freeze coolant available as either a pre-mix or concentrate,” Vicary says.

“Based on carboxylate technology, the product contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines. And is suitable for both automotive and heavy-duty diesel engines.”

GWO’s range is continually growing, Vicary says, with the company committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of the expanding waste and resource recovery sector.

“GWO has the capacity to manufacture 60,000,000 litres per annum in a single shift, which is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the support of a highly experienced team who work amongst the technical, management and production areas of the business,” Vicary says.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that manufacturing at our facility functions at a high standard that takes into consideration the environment, our staff and the local community.”

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