Extracta to build NSW organics recovery plant

Extracta has developed a process to extract valuable nutrients and other ingredients from waste food and agriculture produce.

In a shareholder update released late last year, the company announced that it had signed a partnership agreement with Tamburlaine Wineries in Orange NSW for construction and operation of an Extracta manufacturing site and supply of grape marc as raw material for the Extracta process.

The partnership will allow Extracta to offer organic products to the market.

The company has finalised plant design and engaged contractors to commence the plant build.

The Extracta team have previously constructed a range of production plants for various applications including two that used similar equipment and processes.

Extracta personnel have experience with such a plant in Tennessee, USA. As this plant will be built to take advantage of the current sugarcane season and the 2021 grape season, it will be constructed with existing equipment currently available in Australia.

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