Federal Government Consults On Draft Organic Waste Method

The Department of the Environment has published its draft method on Source Separated Organic Waste for industry feedback.

Published under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative— Source Separated Organic Waste) Methodology Determination 2015, the draft targets abatement from the millions of tonnes of organic waste which currently goes to landfill.

To achieve this, the method incentivises activities which separate organic waste from landfill-bound waste streams at the source of generation, and divert these materials into other forms of eligible treatment (such as composting and biodigestion).

The draft method also provides for opportunities for charities to be credited for abatement generated by the collection and distribution of surplus food (which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill) for charitable purposes.

An explanatory statement accompanies the full determination on the Department of the Environment website.

To provide a submission on the draft method, follow the directions provided on the Source Separated Organic Waste Draft Method section.


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