Final works to remove illegal waste in VIC

Final works to remove illegal waste in VIC

The final stage of works to remove the remaining illegally dumped waste at Broderick Road, Lara, has begun with stage three plans to have a further 30,000 cubic metres of pre-sorted materials removed from the site.

EPA Victoria is commencing stage three removal works at Broderick Road situated in Greater Geelong.

Approximately 290,000 cubic metres of material remains onsite, spread across four main stockpiles.

More than 50,000 cubic metres of timber and contaminated soil was removed from the site from September 2019 to April 2020.

Carl Gray, EPA Broderick Road Clean Up Project Manager said between now and September 2020 EPA plans to have a further 30,000 cubic metres of pre-sorted materials removed from the two smaller stockpiles.

Work is also under way on the larger stockpiles; during July and August about 25,000 cubic metres of rock, brick, concrete and soil will be sorted and removed from one, and from September, works will focus on removal of the remainder of both larger stockpiles.

“A new 36m by 30m enclosure will be constructed on site, which will be used for sorting materials taken from the two larger stockpiles,” Gray said.

“About 50% of the materials will be recycled, including timber, concrete/bricks/rock, tyres and steel/metal. The remaining waste will be transported offsite to licensed landfills,” he said.

“The all-weather enclosure will prevent dust from the sorting process impacting neighbouring businesses.”

Gray said sorting and removal of the two large stockpiles was a huge task, expected to take up to two years to complete.

“EPA is working with the principal contractor Ausdecom to ensure this work is carried out safely and with minimal impact to neighbouring businesses, the community and the environment,” he said.

“A Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan is in place to protect the community and the environment.

“This plan incorporates controls to eliminate or reduce offsite impacts, including noise, dust and traffic.”

Gray said a Fire Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan and site security were also in place.

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