Finding the best solution with Easyquip custom bins

An Easyquip custom bin made for the City of Monash.

As the waste management game becomes increasingly complex, the needs of local councils become more specific. Easyquip offers tailored solutions to unique problems.

For more than 25 years, Easyquip has been solving problems for the waste management industry and its ever-changing demand for bins. The company has navigated its journey to success aided by a simple motto: It Can Be Done.

What this means for Easyquip in practice, is working closely with clients, their clients’ customers, and waste management teams on the ground to identify problems, develop solutions, and apply those to their products.

Jeff Grace, Easyquip General Manager, says the company has developed a preference for tailoring solutions, rather than pushing off-the-shelf models that don’t quite fit the need.

Among its recent clients is the City of Monash, which last year reached out to Easyquip. Strapped for undercover space at its Notting Hill-based Recycling & Waste Centre, the City needed an easily identifiable, weatherproof solution for publicly accessible e-waste deposits.

Danielle Prentice, Waste Co-ordinator at the City of Monash, says the concept initially pitched to Easyquip went through a range of tweaks before the final design was chosen.

“Originally, we were looking at a bin with three separate, smaller lids, like what you’d find on a front-lift bin,” Danielle says. “But, in talking with Easyquip, it was determined this could make it hard to get larger materials in and out. So, we decided we needed something where the entire top of the bin was able to open. We came to the decision to go with a hydraulic lid.”

The result was two 12-metre hook-lift bins fitted with custom hydraulic lids, curved to aid water runoff.

“It’s a complete collaboration, really,” says Jeff. “They knew what they needed, they knew their site, their situation. And they knew the people dropping off the product.

“And we know what we can do, so we were able to work together to provide that solution for them – pulling together our experience and their experience, rather than us just saying ‘this is what you need, and this will do the job for you’.”

“That’s what we do for many of our customers who request customisation or something new, something different. We’ll ask ‘What do you plan to do with it? What’s your waste stream? How are you going to load it? Who’s emptying it?’”

An Easyquip custom bin made for the City of Monash.
The City of Monash bins were custom-painted and decals applied.

Easyquip also custom painted the bins in bright, eye-catching orange, and then printed and applied the City of Monash’s externally designed decals.

“Easyquip helped match the paint colour for us – they were very accommodating,” Danielle says. “They dropped off large paint swatches to assist us, because they knew from experience that picking colours off a computer screen often didn’t translate properly.”

Easyquip has also found return customers in the South Gippsland Shire Council. After working with the council on several e-waste bins, the company was recently awarded the tender to manufacture custom-painted hook-lift bins for the council’s revamped glass recycling stream.

Jeff says South Gippsland’s e-waste bins are kept undercover, so didn’t require the level of weatherproofing that those for Monash did. However, it became apparent that the bins would be exposed to the elements during transport – and therefore required a simple roll-over tarp covering.

“Sometimes people have called, decided they needed something, ordered that and put it into place – and it’s been a perfectly adequate product – but it’s not the best one for the application,” Jeff says.

“Just because people didn’t ask, didn’t dig in a little bit and ask a few more questions.

“That’s what we aim to do, to make sure If we’re providing something, it really is the best solution for the problem.”

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