First Circular Economy Strategy and recycling grants released for The Territory

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The NT Circular Economy Strategy 2022-2027 is the Territory’s roadmap to protecting the environment from wastes by increasing resource recovery, recycling and reuse.

The strategy, released on 27 April, focuses on enhanced collaboration across government, councils and industry to encourage investment and business creation in resource reuse and recycling; phase out and ban problematic single use plastics by 2025 and encourage innovation and adoption of resource recovery and recycling technology through partnerships and collaborations with research institutions and industry.

It also aims to strengthen the NT’s procurement framework to incentivise use of recycled materials in government funded projects; and investigate achievable and cost effective targets for use of recycled content in building and civil construction.

The Strategy will result in $11 million of targeted investment from the Territory Government and the Commonwealth in recycling infrastructure in the Territory. This includes $7.2 million towards construction of a materials recovery facility in Katherine to enhance recycling capabilities for the Big Rivers region.

The remaining $3.8 million will be made available to businesses, local government and not-for-profit organisations through the Northern Territory Recycling Modernisation Fund.

Under this fund, grants of $50,000 or more on a 50:50 co-contribution basis will deliver infrastructure projects that will create or improve recovery, sorting, processing, reuse, recycling or remanufacturing of plastic, paper and cardboard, tyres or glass.

Eva Lawler, Minister for Environment, said the Territory Labor Government is focused on funding new industries and making a resilient Territory.

“In the last 12 months alone more than one hundred million containers were returned by Territorians to approved depots under the container deposit scheme.This is what a circular economy does, it support business and jobs.

“Applying circular economy principles means turning waste into a valuable resource, which keeps it out of the environment where it can cause harm, and inside the economy where it can create value, jobs and growth,” Lawler said.

“Investing in businesses and systems that increase the Territory’s recycling rate will create local jobs and grow the economy.

“The Northern Territory Recycling Modernisation Fund provides an opportunity to increase the waste and recycling industry’s contribution to the Territory.”

Garth Graves, Vice President of Operations of TOMRA Collection Australia which is an operator in NT’s Container Deposit scheme, said the announcement provides the support and focus needed for an expanded, technology-driven Container Deposit scheme in the NT.

“With the combination of innovation and a family-friendly recycling experience, it will take the state one step closer to protecting the environment from waste by increasing resource recovery, recycling and reusing,” he said.

To apply for grants as part of the $3.8 million Recycling Modernisation Fund visit:

View the Circular Economy Strategy at:

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