First office building in SA to achieve highest waste rating

First office building in SA to achieve highest waste rating

A government office in South Australia has achieved the highest recycling rate for an industrial building through its ground-breaking sustainability initiative.

The Colliers Real Estate Management (REM) has partnered with Wingate / IP Generation to implement an industry-leading waste management program at a set of offices in South Australia.

Situated in one of Adelaide’s busiest city pockets, 77 Grenfell Street is home to major Tenant, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).

The NABERS Waste Rating measures a building’s performance with respect to waste generation, recycling and resource recovery, and supply chain management against the industry benchmark.

Currently only 47 buildings across Australia have managed to achieve a NABERS Waste Rating.

The 15,888 sqm of offices is now the first 4.5 NABERS Base Building Waste Rating for Offices in South Australia and second highest rating nationally.

The 4.5 Rating was awarded on a recycling rate of 80 per cent, which is one of the highest achieved by an office building in Australia under the revised NABERS Waste for Office Rating scheme that commenced in June 2018.

The process involved diligent and precise interrogation and uploading of data to the NABERS Waste Manager Platform, regular waste audits and engagement of a NABERS Accredited Assessor to complete the Rating process.

The strategy also included the implementation of the Simply Cups’ coffee cup recycling program throughout the building. 

Group Financial Controller for Wingate / IP Generation, Harley Kras said Wingate / IP Generation continues to be a proactive landlord and is constantly striving to achieve impactful sustainability initiatives that benefit its tenants and the community.

“We are very pleased with the results achieved to date,” he said.

The Colliers REM team in collaboration with Wingate / IP Generation will be targeting further improvements to the NABERS Waste Rating for next years’ assessment.

To achieve an improvement in the Rating the team will be focusing on further refining the waste weighing methods and implementation of two sets of accurate ongoing weight data.

Refinements will also be made to utilise the latest weighing technology. This technology sends data in real time to a cloud-based storage for access by designated users and will give the site the ability to weigh all daily general waste and recycling, without the need for cleaning staff to manually record data.

The team will also have engagement and education with the Lessee, DPTI and cleaning company, ISS, to further improve the standard of waste separation and reduce recycling stream contamination.

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