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FEDC expects the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder to accumulate 10,000 hours of use, before it is replaced.

The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder from Komatsu Forest provides a large-scale processing option for operators. Mick Benton, of Forest Enterprises Development & Consulting, explains.

Mick Benton and his wife built Forest Enterprises Development & Consulting (FEDC) from the ground up. What was originally a forestry company has expanded to include the haulage, civil and agricultural sectors on New South Wales’ far north coast.

As part of its services, FEDC is tasked with the processing of sawmill residue for Cape Byron Management, which operates two 30MW cogeneration plants. Mick says the addition of the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder has enabled FEDC to contribute to what is an emerging market.

“The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder is contracted to process sawmill residue, a waste product which comes from sawmills after they have cut timber,” Mick says.

“Traditionally this by-product has been burnt in open pits at the sawmills. Now it can all be transported to Broadwater’s co-generation plant, where our Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder can process it to produce renewable electricity.”

The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder is powered by an 839kW Tier II, Caterpillar C32 engine, and has a feed opening of 127 x 168cm.

Mick says the combination of a powerful engine and large feed opening allows the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder to handle a wide variety of feedstock sizes from the sawmills. He says FEDC has also been able to create a circular economy for the sawmill by-product.

“Previously, there has not been a market for the sawmill waste,” Mick says. “But all of that product now comes up into our plant and goes through our Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder.

“We produce a ground material, which is transferred into a stockpile. Wheel loaders with light material buckets, which operate 24/7, place this material into a hopper. From here it is transferred onto a conveyor, which runs into the plant to power the turbine.”

The power and steam that is generated at the facility powers the attached sugar mill during the crushing season, with the residual power being fed into the grid.

The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder can handle a wide variety of feedstock sizes.
The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder can handle a wide variety of feedstock sizes.

Durability & performance

Mick says the three-stage grinding process of the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder improves accuracy and ensures that operators can achieve a consistent end product.

Up-cutting rotors help to draw materials into the grinding chamber and provide the first line of material size reduction. Available with either pinned or drum rotors, the up-cutting rotors are supported by the anvil, which is purposely placed to optimise production.

The grate area is the last step during the sizing process. Its large surface area results in high production for the treatment of a range of materials.

Mick says the performance of the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder has prompted FEDC to order a 5710D from Komatsu Forest.

“As of next April, we would have owned the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder for around four years. We decided to go with the 6710D because of its high production,” Mick says. “By the time it is replaced it will have accumulated more than 10,000 hours of use.”

Reduced running costs are another incentive for using the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder and Peterson range – horizontal grinders from 339kW to 894kW are available in both diesel and electric configurations. The unit uses an impact release system to prevent damage to the machine. Large, non-grindable objects are ejected from the grinding chamber, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Operator convenience

The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder can be customised for various applications, with components able to be switched out to suit operator needs.

Grates have hex, round, square and rectangular opening options. Add-on equipment such as cold weather kits and multiple engine packages allow operators to design a grinder to suit the job at hand.

The Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder remote control and monitoring system allows users to pause or resume operation at the touch of a button.

Remote monitoring lets them evaluate the performance of the machine in real time.

Mick says that the Peterson 6710D Horizontal Grinder, and backing of Komatsu Forest, has given FEDC ease of mind.

“We run a lot of different types of machinery. One thing that we have learnt is that a machine is only as good as the support you have and the parts that they carry. Komatsu Forest has always been on the front foot in this area,” he says.

For more information, visit:www.komatsuforest.com.au

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