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FLIR’s A400/A700 Smart Sensor

FLIR’s thermal imaging technology has been used in waste facilities across the globe for fire prevention for over 40 years.

With advanced analytics and world-class thermal imaging, FLIR’s A400/A700 Thermal Smart Sensor Camera builds on that technology to provide an efficient screening solution for a range of complex monitoring applications.

Applications include early fire detection at landfills and waste facilities, critical infrastructure and product quality.

The Smart Sensor configuration includes multiple measurement tools and alarms, while also providing computing-on-the-edge. Analytics are performed at the camera level for immediate results.

With a range of lens choices, motorised focus control, and unrivalled connectivity, A400/A700 cameras offer unmatched power and flexibility.

Easy configuration allows users to tailor the monitoring system to specific quality, productivity, maintenance and safety needs.

The camera provides high-level image quality, with up to 307,200 pixels and a measurement accuracy of +/- 2 °C. Edge analytics with features such as a polygon function help operators make immediate and informed decisions.

Additionally, with flexible measurement features, the A400/A700 advanced includes options to adjust measurements and alarms based on a reference temperature source.

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