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Remondis, Wollongong City Council’s waste management contractor, is working to introduce FOGO into unit complexes across the city.

The rollout is expected to continue into early next year, with about 100 individual unit complexes to be contacted and assessed to understand their signage and bin needs.

Gordon Bradbery AM, Wollongong City Lord Mayor said the logistical challenges of delivering FOGO to unit complexes during the COVID-19 pandemic are significant, but the rollout of FOGO to larger unit complexes across the community is continuing.

“FOGO for Wollongong has been a positive step towards achieving council’s net zero emissions targets, and having more households on board with the program will help drive the reduction of our environmental impact,” Bradbery said.

Bradbery said residents across Wollongong are embracing a FOGO future with less waste put in red-lidded bins and more going into organics bins.

On average Wollongong households are putting 1.8 kilograms of organic waste each week into FOGO bins.

“A little FOGO waste goes a long way and council is encouraging households to make sure green-lidded bins are put out for collection each week, no matter how full,” Bradbery said. “All the small quantities of waste that we collect from the households in Wollongong, add up to be a significant saving from landfill.

“The more we can encourage everyone in our community and get behind FOGO, and make small positive changes to their waste behaviour, the better outcomes we will have our environment.”

As when FOGO was launched last November, FOGO kits will be delivered to each unit and include a welcome letter, FOGO user guide, kitchen caddy and a roll of 150 compostable caddy liners.

Bradbery said these key steps will assist with educating the residents on FOGO best practice and help ensure the food organics collected from the units is uncontaminated by other household waste materials and able to eventually be turned into quality compost.

Strata committees of unit complexes of 30 units or more can contact their strata managers about the rollout or reach out to Remondis on 1300 362 360 or

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