Food and garden waste bin now available for renters

food waste

Renters within the City of Whittlesea are now eligible to apply for a 240-litre green lidded kerbside food and garden waste bin, helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

Previously, renters could only access the service with permission from their landlord, however this new service allows renters to directly apply for a food and garden waste bin.

City of Whittlesea Chief Executive Officer Craig Lloyd said the initiative enables renters to help reduce environmental impacts of food and garden waste.

“We’re empowering families and individuals within our community to make tangible contributions to the environment,” Lloyd said.

The food scraps and garden waste collected will be processed locally in the City of Whittlesea into nutrient-rich compost that will be used in parks and gardens.

To make it easy, the bin comes with a small 7-litre kitchen caddy and 150 free compostable liners delivered every year to help collect food waste at home.

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