Fourth ERF auction results announced

Waste and recycling industry to be represented on NWRIC
A Woolworths project to divert food waste from landfill is among the 47 carbon abatement contracts awarded in the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction.

The Clean Energy Regulator announced on the fourth auction results on 24 November. Some 47 contracts were awarded for 49 projects, securing delivery of 34.4 million tonnes of abatement at an average price per tonne of $10.69 and a total contracted value of $367 million.

Among the successful bidders were supermarket giant Woolworths.  Its Food Waste Diversion project will see organic waste separated from other waste at the participating stores. The organic waste will then be turned into compost or other low emissions methods. This will abate approximately 150 000 tonnes of carbon emissions over the life of the project.

In addition, Tamworth Regional Council was supported for a project to install a new landfill gas collection system to capture and combust gas generated at the landfill from legacy and non-legacy waste.

Following the four auctions, a total of 356 carbon abatement contracts have been awarded to deliver 178 million tonnes of abatement.

A summary of the fourth Emissions Reduction Fund auction results is available on the auction results page.
Details of the individual contracts are available here.

At a glance: Fourth Emissions Reduction Fund

The Clean Energy Regulator:

  • Committed to purchase 34 356 058 tonnes of abatement on behalf of the Commonwealth.
  • The average price per tonne of abatement is $10.69.
  • 47 contracts have been awarded, covering 49 projects.
  • The total value of contracts awarded at this auction is $367,392,993.
  • The largest single contract is for 7.5 million tonnes of abatement and the smallest is for 20 000 tonnes of abatement.

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