Funding to help fight against illegal dumping

illegal dumping

Twenty-seven Queensland councils will share in more than $2.9 million in funding to support boots on the ground in the ongoing fight against illegal dumping.

Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon said the Queensland Government’s Local Government Illegal Dumping Partnerships Program provides vital funding to assist councils to train and employ dedicated compliance officers to crack down on illegal dumping activities in their regions.

“This funding, from Round 2A of the program, will enable more than 30 illegal dumping compliance officers to continue their crucial work within the community, for up to 12 months,” Scanlon said.

“We acknowledge the challenges councils face when it comes to managing the issue of illegal dumping and the Queensland Government is committed to ensuring councils have the necessary resources to tackle the problem head on.

“Illegal dumping costs Queensland communities millions in clean-up expenses every year, can be toxic to people and our native wildlife, and is a blight on our beautiful landscapes.

“Councils have reported that the cost of managing litter and illegal dumping was $28 million in the 2019-20 financial year.

“By getting these boots on the ground, councils will be able to shift their focus away from simply cleaning up illegally dumped waste to identifying and pursuing offenders.

“Thanks to the previous round of the Partnerships Program, more than 17 million litres, or over 70,000 wheelie bins, of illegally dumped waste has been removed from the environment.

“Fines for illegally dumping waste range from $2205 to $10,338, with the potential for much higher penalties for matters prosecuted in court. Councils funded under the first round of Partnership Program grants issued more than 850 fines totalling $1.3 million.

“By working together, we are sending a strong message to offenders that illegal dumping will not be tolerated.”

Scanlon said eligible local governments will soon be able to apply for funding under Round 2B of the Partnerships Program.

“A further $2 million will be available to eligible councils to employ frontline compliance officers and purchase equipment, or to improve the management and data reporting of illegal dumping,” Scanlon said.

“Applications are set to open later this year.”

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