Future supply chain solutions: MEGATRANS2018

Future supply chain solutions: MEGATRANS2018

MEGATRANS2018 – an exciting new international trade event – will bridge the gaps between industry segments that have previously been operating in isolation.

The future of supply chain and logistics is drawing closer, as stakeholders come together for MEGATRANS2018 – an exciting new international trade event.

The show makes its debut 10 to 12 May, 2018, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, based in the heart of one of Australia’s major logistics hubs and one of the world’s most liveable cities – Melbourne.

Connecting the Australian and international supply chain, the three-day expo, delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government, will bring together those who plan, implement and control the efficient and effective forward flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and point of consumption.

The diverse range of exhibitors comprise road transport, sea, rail, air, warehousing, infrastructure, materials and handling and safety. As the borders between industry are blurring, these sectors are evolving to explore new multi-dimensional concepts. MEGATRANS2018 aims to improve service quality by understanding the latest trends, streamline processes by exploring new technologies, reduce development costs and lead time with best practice, accelerate market entry by finding new joint venture partners and create new services by discovering new innovations.

One such example of diversification is Tramanco’s further expansion of its modular CHEK-WAY electronic weight monitoring and data logging systems. The technology is used by waste transporters to improve productivity, safety and in-service compliance issues. Tramanco’s Managing Director Roger Sack says the company, which he began in 1975, is supplying and installing on-board weighing systems for a range of commercial vehicles with a growing  proliferation across the waste industry. 

Roger says Tramanco is unique in that it designs, develops and writes its own software, thus providing total solutions for all those set to attend MEGATRANS2018.

“Because of this fact there is no planned obsolescence built into our systems. Some of our systems have been re-installed on their fourth vehicle by simply upgrading the software during the re-installation,” Roger says. 

“And because our products are Australian made, they’re built for Australian conditions.”

He says a major benefit of the show covering all aspects of the supply chain is that it will highlight the interconnectivity between different facets of the supply chain.

Roger says Tramanco’s systems demonstrate this with its “plug and play” interfaces, which allow the operator to monitor vehicle weights in real-time such as the verified gross mass of containers. He says this saves time by having compliance issues resolved at the point of loading and not on the highway or when the vehicles arrive at their destinations.

“The show just makes it all click together,” he notes, adding that as the company deals with myriad light and heavy vehicles, this event covers everything the company has to do with the movement of goods from collection to destination.

Roger says attending just one trade show, rather than many, to engage with a wide range of clients is another bonus of exhibiting at MEGATRANS2018.

Isuzu Trucks, a market leader in the Australian transport industry for 29 consecutive years, has a technology-driven display in the works for MEGATRANS2018.

Phil Taylor, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Trucks, says the focus comes as discussion and hype surrounding autonomous, or driverless vehicles and connected technologies continue to build overseas and in Australia.

“Disruptive technologies appear to be becoming more prevalent with each new year, fundamentally changing the way the market will look at the road transport industry over the next few decades.

“There is one thing that I know for certain. Whatever the technology, or the timeframe – Isuzu will ensure that Australian truck operators have access to the latest innovations in truck technology that are suitable for Australian operating conditions, driving better safety outcomes for all road users and improving air quality, productivity and the bottom line for the operator.”


All visitors must pre-register online or at the show prior to entering.

Pre-show rates:
1-Day Pass: $22.00
2-Day Pass: $38.50
3-Day Pass: $55.00


Opening times:

  • THURSDAY 10TH MAY 10.00am – 5.30pm
  • FRIDAY 11TH MAY 10.00am – 5.30pm
  • SATURDAY 12TH MAY 10.00am – 5pm
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006