Product Spotlight

Garwood International releases Boschung’s Electric Compact Sweeper

As the newest sweeper in the Boschung product range, the Urban Sweeper S2.0 sets new standards in the two-cubic-metre class.

Distributed exclusively by Garwood International, the sweeper is the first Boschung-engineered sweeper fully powered by onboard batteries and has an eight-hour operating time which produces zero emissions.

The innovatively engineered battery defines a whole new intelligence management system, making the boundaries between work and charging times hard to discern.

The unit has articulated steering with oscillating suspension between front and rear frame for safe ascending and descending sidewalks.

Additionally, two 20-kilowatt wheel motors have the ability to reach top speeds of 45 kilometres per hour. The sweeper has a maximum payload weight of 1200 kilograms, an 800-millimetre suction mouth and sweeping width between 1150 and 2300 millimetres.

A walk-through cab for entering on both sides offers maximum operator comfort and security, while the central sweeping control console is easily operated with a single hand. Reverse and suction mouth cameras aid in safe and efficient operation.

Electrically driven wheel motors, broom motors and turbine motor require no active cooling, smaller construction and have the ability to provide dynamic charging while in free spin.

With the ability to recharge on car charging stations, and with the Supercharger option, the unit has a charging time of two hours for eight hours work.

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