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GCM Enviro Backhus series

Backhus windrow turner from GCM Enviro
A trusted and reputable supplier of machinery to the waste management industry, GCM Enviro is one of the leading distributors of windrow turners.

The company is an approved distributor of Backhus and Eggersmann machinery, a global leader in windrow turner manufacture.

“We take a proud stance in providing machines with outstanding reliability within a robust design, and Backhus fits this standard for organics recyclers,” says Managing Director, Daniel Kastowsky.

The broader waste management and agricultural industries are well aware of the benefits of composting under their areas of business. As such, Australia’s recycled organics sector needs the right machinery to handle increasing volumes of organic waste streams and process them into valuable resources.

Backhus windrow turners are specifically built for any scale and any environment composting. They help to produce compost on a large scale enabling better results by using tracks to turn the decomposing material.

Its biggest turner has a capacity of up to 6,800 cubic metres per hour, ideal for commercial composting. The Backhus 21 series is the world’s most commonly-used compost turner. Incorporating a combination of large turning capability and exceptional fuel consumption, the 21 series was designed with large-scale compost producers in mind.

This model boasts a high-tech cabin, which is easy to access, and provides the operator with a comfortable working environment. Once inside the cab, the operator can manoeuvre themselves over the centre of the windrow to ensure optimal viewing and maximum turning capacity.

Its smaller machines are perfect for gardening, landscaping, and the maintenance of public parks. The Backhus 16.30, for example, features an economical diesel engine and compact design for tough applications. Its drum is fully reversible, and raises and lowers hydraulically. Customers can also choose to add a tailgate, which is fully adjustable to control material flow.

Alternatively, the Backhus range also includes equipment that is made for indoor use, applications and indoor plants, which can be partially or entirely automated.

No matter the windrow width, Backhus offers low maintenance and efficient solutions that continue to set industry standards.


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