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GCM’s Tana Shark 440DT

Suitable for even the most challenging waste streams, the Tana Shark 440DT can shred a wide variety of materials including tyres, C&I and C&D waste, solid recovered fuel, plastics, MSW, waste wood, railway sleepers, mattresses and furniture.

Available in Australia through GCM Enviro, one Tana Shark can replace three different machines, with the shredder performing the role of a pre-shredder, primary shredder and screen.

With a removable rotor screen, the shredder facilitates full control over particle size from 50 to 500 millimetres with low operational cost.

This enables time and cost savings as it is possible to perform shredding in just one pass.

With the Tana Shark, it takes only 10 minutes to add or remove screen sizes.

The shredder also comes equip with an easy to use interface, with the Tana Control System monitoring and controlling all machine function.

While shredders were historically designed for narrow, specific applications, as requirements and processes are constantly changing, Tana designed its Shark shredders to be as multi-purpose as possible.

The 440DT features 12 pre-programmed operating programs for different materials and shredding purposes. Customer-specified programs can also be added.

The Tana Shark operates on a hydrostatic power transmission identical to those using in Tana landfill compactors, including a patented swing frame system which protects the gears.

The shredder has a robust steel structure, with the wearing parts material tailor made for Tana following years of testing, analysis and customer trials.

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