Genever leaves Tyre Stewardship CEO role

The inaugural CEO of Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA), Matt Genever, has left the organisation after 15 months in post and started his own consultancy.

TSA issued a brief statement on Friday (5 August) to announce Mr Genever’s departure and to confirm his role would be looked after on a caretaker basis until a new CEO is hired.

Speaking to Waste Management Review, Mr Genever confirmed that his final day with TSA was 2 August. After what he described as an “exceptionally busy 15 months” in post, he said he was looking to some downtime with his family. He officially launched a boutique strategic environmental consultancy, Reincarnate, on 9 August.

Following the official announcement, Mr Genever took to his LinkedIn page on Monday to provide a parting message to the tyre recycling sector and wider tyre retail and waste management industries. He described his time in post as a “rollercoaster ride”, “an absolute privilege” and a highlight of his career to date.

He added that he is immensely proud of the work being done and the TSA’s achievements so far.

“If you had told me on Day 1 that in 15 months’ time TSA would look like it does now, I would not have believed it,” Mr Genever said. “The escalation of the Scheme and its impact in the market are undeniable, with some 1,240 participants across the country now fully accredited.”

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