Genox Shredders from Applied Machinery

Genox Shredders from Applied Machinery

Applied Machinery offers a diverse range of Genox shredders to process an array of waste streams down to specific sizes. 

For size reduction of flexible, medium hardness, voluminous products, Genox’s K Series Single Shaft Shredders process various plastics (films, mouldings), paper and cardboard, copper, aluminum, textiles and a range of other applications. The M Series shredder, which performs largely the same functions, is suited to other potentially contaminated materials such as metals or stones.

When it comes to small and medium size reduction, the Genox V Series Single Shaft Shredders are capable of processing a wide range of materials to uniform particle size. Typical applications include plastic, timber/wood, paper and cardboard and copper. 

If operators are looking to process large volumes, then the X Series Twin Shaft Shredders works as an ideal pre-shredder for municipal solid (MSW) and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, scrap metal, end-of-life vehicles and a range of other applications. Segmented blades greatly reduce blade changing time and cost. 

BH Series Single Shaft Shredders are heavy-duty reduction machines designed to process a variety of untreated waste materials down to coarse or medium-sized fractions. This powerful, wear-resistant machine is suited to demanding recycling tasks and can handle MSW, C&I, construction and demolition and other wastes.