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Global waste sector assistance: HYVA Equipment

A partnership between HYVA Equipment and HSR Southern Cross is realising sector-wide benefits for waste handling and compaction.

Established in the Netherlands in 1979, HYVA Equipment installs in excess of 300,000 telescopic and double acting cylinder kits worldwide each year. The company currently operates in more than 130 countries, with its waste products distributed in Australia by HSR Southern Cross.

“In 2015, we had the opportunity to meet with Andre Bremmer, Managing Director at HYVA Pacific, to discuss the distribution of their waste equipment in Australia,” says Martyn Cross, HSR Managing Director.

“It was immediately evident that HYVA shared HSR’s core value of providing exceptional customer experiences. A synergy was born.”

In 2017, HYVA Pacific and HSR representatives travelled to Europe to inspect HYVA’s Waste Equipment range, Cross says.

He adds that first impressions were extremely promising.

Following the successful European trip, HSR and HYVA partnered to release the HYVA Press range of waste equipment to the Australian market.

Providing compaction solutions for a range of multinational waste companies, HSR Southern Cross operates primarily as a fabrication and engineering company, with a specialisation in hydraulics and auto electrical.

“Before working with HYVA, we identified a gap in the Australian market, whereby operators wanted to look at other models, due to a level of dissatisfaction with readily available compaction technology,” Cross says.

Servicing Veolia, Remondis, SUEZ and JJ Richards, Cross says HSR’s relationship with HYVA allows them to provide products that facilitate higher payloads, longer lifespans and efficient and faster collections.

“HYVA continues to stand out as a world leader in container handling systems, with its range of hookloaders – the TITAN and Classic models – both ranging in capacity from 3.5 to 30 tonnes,” Cross says.

“HYVA hookloaders are industry standouts, with built-in tough reliability, performance and low whole of ownership costs.”

In addition to HYVA’s hookloaders, Cross highlights the company’s range of RCM satellite collection units. He explains that the units are an economical and efficient solution for narrow city streets and laneways.

“The HYVA RCM3, when fitted to a vehicle of 4.5t GVM or less, stands out as a solution to domestic missed services, providing exceptional fiscal and environmental savings when compared to the running costs of a full-sized waste collection vehicle,” Cross says.

Fitted with in-cab controls for safe discharge of refuge, the RCM range is designed to unload into multiple units including rear load, mobile and stationary compactors and transfer stations.

Cross explains that the RCM range is fitted with wide-comb bin lifters, allowing spill free loading for all mobile waste containers up to 1100 litres.

“The closed body eliminates leakage, making it perfect for high liquid content refuge including foods,” he says.

“Optional compactional panels are available for all units, facilitating increased payload and load security.”

HSR also distribute a range of HYVA Mobile Compactors, which Cross says are used in several industries including shopping centres, restaurants, manufacturers, hospitals and events.

Set to be released at the 2020 Coffs Waste Conference, and now scheduled for the 2021 event, Cross also notes the HYVA Solar Powered Mobile Compactor. He adds that the compactor is well suited to temporary installations requiring no fixed infrastructure.

HSR’s range of HYVA mobile and static compactors are designed to suit a wide range of applications and waste types.

“These compactors have high volumetric efficiency due to the cylindrical container shape and compaction ratio, rubber seals and power pack with frequency control design,” Cross says.

“These features deliver many benefits, including faster compaction, no leakage, better hygiene, higher payload, lower noise and energy consumption and easier maintenance.”

HYVA complement their equipment with Australian application engineers, ensuring truck and equipment combinations are analysed for stability, payload and Aust Design Rule compliance prior to fitting.

According to Cross, HSR does not build to order, but to stock, meaning they maintain a range of HYVA Compactors and parts that can be customised to suit individual customer needs.

“With that in mind, we cover the whole range of truck mounted wheel loaders and compactors from six cubic metres all the way up to 24,” he says.

Cross says all HYVA units are elaborately transformed by HSR in Australia, which is helping to ensure future generations of Australian manufacturers benefit from their investment in local highly skilled labour.

To support its customers, ranging from sole trader operators, multinational waste companies, small and large regional and local government councils and utility companies, HSR’s service department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additionally, HSR’s fleet of Service Vehicles work to ensure customers are supported locally, regionally, inter-state and internationally.

“HSR offer an unrivalled customer experience from concept, design, application and mechanical engineering, manufacture, and installation,” Cross says.

“This allows our customers the peace of mind that HSR intimately understand the product that they have purchased and will be supported long after the initial delivery.”

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