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Going green to power the pharmaceutical supply chain

Ahrens dispense environmentally sustainable solution through major distribution centre for pharmacy giant, Sigma Healthcare.

Ahrens are committed to minimising their carbon footprint and supporting projects that lessen their impact on the environment, as they understand that we all have a part to play in maintaining our environmental resources for future generations.

With a diverse range of in-house capabilities, Ahrens can provide a number of environmental sustainability solutions to their projects including water storage solutions, material selections, locally fabricated steel and components, and smart design techniques employed to maximise on natural resources such as the sun, water catchment and air flow.

One such example is Ahrens’ recent work on a distribution centre for 151 Property, to be used by pharmacy giant Sigma Healthcare, located in Pooraka, South Australia. The major design and construction project featured a 248kw system, consisting of 800 solar panels on the roof to power the site, which helped the client efficiently achieve their goal of storing some of Australia’s most well-known pharmacy brands which they distribute to over 4,000 pharmacies and hospitals across the nation.

Sigma’s new expansive distribution centre can accommodate a higher volume of products while allowing for ease of access for transport coming and going from the facility.

Ahrens brought Sigma’s ideas to life, helping them ensure the solar energy system implemented offset the power outage from the automated stock picking and racking equipment installed within the building. The solar energy will power the automation processes, as well as facilitate forklift charging and general lighting. This was complemented by the installation of an environmental management system in the facility which tracks energy usage.

The waste and recycling sector has been a key industry for Ahrens, and they have decades of experience in applying the most sustainable practices to their work environments.

Ahrens’ comprehensive experience and all-inclusive approach in servicing the sector ensures they have the competitive advantage to deliver cost-effective solutions and innovative engineering capabilities based on delivered results.

Proud to be an Australian-owned family business, Ahrens is the most vertically-integrated construction company in Australia who can deliver your next project from concept to completion.

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