Google commits to cutting waste and boosting recycling

Google joins Ellen MacArthur Foundation to cut waste and most recycling
Google has become an Ellen MacArthur Foundation Global Partner to further implement initiatives to “cut the crap” in its operations.

Jim Miller, Google’s VP of Worldwide Operations, made the announcement on a blog post.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation mission works with businesses and organisations to help them to bring in circular economy principles to their operations, and minimise waste through smart design.

Mr Miller said Google has already undertaken work in recent years on waste reduction efforts and becoming a carbon neutral company. These have included repurposing outdated servers, recycling C&D waste during building works, and employing a software program to monitor food usage to keep food waste out of landfill.

“Our partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation will help us take our waste reduction and sustainability programs to the next level,” said Mr Miller. “Over the coming months, we’ll be working with the Foundation to explore and shape a series of initiatives to embed circular economic principles into the fabric of Google’s infrastructure, operations, and culture.”

A statement on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website said: “As a global front-runner in technology innovation – with its extensive global network of data centres and real estate, a strong presence in the electronic devices market, and arguably the world’s leading data and analytics capability – Google is ideally placed to play a key enabling role in bringing about the system-level change needed to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.”


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