Government extends printed media recycling scheme

Government extends printed media recycling scheme

The product stewardship scheme for recycling newspapers and magazines will run until 2020.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt made the announcement on Friday 11 September, confirming that National Environmental Sustainability Agreement for Newspapers and Magazines would run for another five years.

The industry-led product stewardship scheme is one of Australia’s most successful. The program agreement is implemented and managed by the Environmental Advisory Group, which is run by the Newspaper Group, a not-for-profit industry funded group.

The minister congratulated the newspaper and magazine industry on the success of the scheme.

“The agreement has achieved a consistent recycling rate of 78 per cent for newsprint in Australia since 2009, an increase from only 28 per cent in 1990,” said Mr Hunt. “This is an outstanding result and a testament to the industry’s environmental commitment.”

For more information visit the scheme website.