Greater Sydney’s great asset: HYVA, HSR Southern Cross and Sydney Waste Services

Greater Sydney’s great asset: HYVA, HSR Southern Cross and Sydney Waste Services

Gavan Holloway, Chief Operating Officer of Sydney Waste Services, shares how a new addition to the fleet has heightened service at a crucial time.

It’s estimated that over 5.3 million people reside in Greater Sydney. Including businesses, the region is rapidly growing and is increasingly requiring innovative waste management and infrastructure solutions to service the area.

Gavan Holloway, Chief Operating Officer of Sydney Waste Services, says the company’s goal is for strong customer relations and encourages the necessary investment in IT, technology, plant, equipment, resources and services with confidence of a return on financial investment.

That confidence translates through innovation across smart technology supporting equipment, collection services and frontline staff.

Sydney Waste Services is committed to investments that will influence, develop and become a key contributor to the growth of the company both operationally and sustainably.

Last year, Sydney Waste Services partnered with HYVA and HSR Southern Cross to trial a Rear Loader to enhance the company’s ongoing goals in innovation through supportive equipment.

“The process of trialling is like buying a new car. It was so exciting to have a brand new compactor join our fleet,” Holloway says.

“Through this trial process, we were able to tighten up and fine tune the technical operations of the equipment while seeing how the product could successfully bring value to our company.”

Following the trial, Sydney Waste Services purchased a complete HYVA Rear Loader to join its fleet of 45 vehicles.

When drawing on the noticeable benefits, Holloway says the reduced energy consumption, lower noise, zero leakage, easier serviceability and lower operating cost are features that jump to mind.

HYVA Rear Loaders are available in a wide range of configurations, and can be supplied for top loading, tipping and tip cart loading applications.

Holloway says that for Sydney Waste Services, the efficiency of the compactor combined with the lower noise benefit are most notable compared to other compactors on the market.

“We are running our fleets on the narrow streets of Sydney at all hours, including one and two o’clock in the morning,” he says.

“This means we need really quiet equipment that is also effective and can help optimise our operations. The vehicles work very hard, are reliable and environmentally friendly.”

Sydney Waste Services services all over the region, across a 24 hour schedule for commercial, industrial and residential high rise towers.

“We want to provide only the highest quality of equipment for our dedicated workers and the big part of choosing the HYVA Rear Loader was the positive feedback from our employees,” Holloway says.

He notes the dramatic change in waste management operations since he began in the industry over 34 years ago.

“The sector is rapidly evolving, It’s been incredible to see the accuracy in reporting and technological growth in equipment,” Holloway says.

Partnering with HYVA and HSR Southern Cross supports the company’s vision to innovate through management of reporting and monitoring and improve resource recovery outcomes and opportunities.

“The support from the HSR Southern Cross team through the trial, purchase and operation stage was incredible. The time table schedule is spot on, which has never been more important in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.”

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