Greenbox acquires NZ asset disposal company

Australian IT asset lifecycle management company Greenbox has acquired IT asset disposal company Recytech, to drive expansion into the New Zealand market.

Greenbox CEO Daniel Pritchard said the company had explored a number of options to enable entry into New Zealand, and acquiring Recytech was the next logical step.

“In Australia, Greenbox helps customers sustainably dispose of IT assets, and also manage those assets through the complete lifecycle,” Mr Pritchard said.

“Many of Greenbox’s finance, vendor and global IT asset disposition partners wanted the company to also provide its full range of services in New Zealand.”

Mr Pritchard said many global companies operate a combined Australia and New Zealand subsidiary and wanted access to the same services across both countries.

“With the acquisition of Recytech we can now offer that service which, I believe, is an industry first,” Mr Pritchard said.

“We will maintain all the existing roles and will investigate the best way to take the service national – this may be based on organic growth or through additional acquisitions.”

Mr Pritchard said Greenbox’s range of IT asset services covers pre-deployment through to data security services and disposal.

“Recytech has been working with companies such as IBM and Flexigroup for a number of years and is a leader in its field in New Zealand,” Mr Pritchard said.

“We look forward to learning about the specific needs of the New Zealand market from the Recytech team and to expand its service offering.”

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