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Hiab brand hauls with ease

Hiab’s Multilift range of hooklifts have been helping Australian waste businesses race ahead of the competition with their collections.

Haulaway Managing Director Richard Hilbert needed to maintain an edge in Melbourne’s waste market.

The company had been using hooklifts from the 1990s, which were strong but slow. With more urban development and a need for increased efficiency, Richard realised there was a requirement for a faster, more economical hook. That is why he purchased four XR26Z and one XP22Z Multilift hooklifts.

Richard says the Multilifts are much faster than what the family business had used before, with drivers eager to be behind the wheel of the trucks installed with one. “The hooklift is very quick and user friendly, giving us up to an extra load a day. They save around three to five minutes on each job, which adds up over time,” he says.

“They’re the Ferraris of hooklifts, much more efficient than other brands we have used in the past and with plenty of additional technology to increase safety and speed.”

Haulaway handles a range of contracts, from industrial waste to infrastructure, and collects a diverse range of bins. Richard says the articulated neck with shock extenders allows the lifts to get into places with a low clearance – vital for inner city works and in undercover shopping centres.

The Multilifts have two ranges, the XP and XR, which are the standard and premium versions respectively.

“We have some of the top of the range on our trucks, the XR range of Multilifts. These units have a two-speed system and automatic safety features that slow down the arm when the bin is at certain points,” Richard says.

“The joystick controls are easy to understand with a simple control method instead of a confusing array of control valves. This means drivers can operate the lift single handed, letting them watch the bin.”

Richard says the Multilifts are reliable and notes that they’re never off the road for long.

“They’re durable, strong and can cop a lot of punishment which is important when transporting some heavy-duty waste,” he says.

Wayne Venn from Hiab Australia says the Multilifts have been predominantly built for the waste and recycling industry.

“The Hiab brand is recognisable worldwide and has been proven with 70 years’ experience in the waste industry. It has built up the reputation of versatility and durability,” Wayne says.

He says that a Multilift hooklift will most likely outlive two to three trucks before it needs to be replaced.

“It has quality hydraulics, specifically cast designed instead of steel fabricated to minimise the amount of damage the Multilift takes. Its design means there’s less wear and tear on wearpoints, making it significantly stronger.”

Wayne says the Multilift can handle almost everything the waste industry can throw at it and is versatile enough to handle waste from shopping centres to renovations, or carting topsoil or gravel. He says the Multilifts also take advantage of Controller Area Network (CAN bus) technology which interfaces with the trucks’ computer. Wayne says this is customisable and programmable, meaning there’s a lot you can do with it.

“For example, you could run lights off of it, perform an automated sequence, increase speed or integrate other technologies. Because of the faster tip, you also have trucks revving their engines less which creates less emissions.”

He says multinational and national companies, all the way down to family owned businesses like Haulaway, use Multilifts.

“We have companies that will use nothing but this range of products.

“A number of Australian waste companies understand that by paying a bit more for quality equipment, they’ll reap the benefits at the end of the day,” he says.

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