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Help offered for WA businesses to phase out plastic

Help offered for WA businesses to phase out plastic

The Western Australian Government is teaming up with the Boomerang Alliance to help hospitality venues transition away from plastics, ahead of the state’s single-use plastics ban.

Commencing on July 1, 2022, the ban will apply to the supply of single-use plastic items including straws and stirrers, cutlery, plates and bowls. From October 1, 2022 Western Australian businesses will also no longer be able to supply disposable plastic cups for cold drinks.

To support businesses to make the change and find alternatives, the Western Australian Government is teaming with Boomerang Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation working on waste minimisation and recycling.

Boomerang Alliance works with businesses’ local suppliers to choose the best reusable items and alternatives to plastics. It is estimated that since it formed in 2003, Boomerang Alliance has prevented the use of more than 10 million pieces of plastic throughout Australia.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby said the Western Australian Government will support businesses to find alternatives to single-use plastics.

“By engaging with Boomerang Alliance, businesses can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of people who have expertise in the field, and who can offer long-term solutions,” Whitby said. “I urge all businesses that use single-use plastic products to register to join the program.”

For more information on reducing plastic use, click here.


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