Hiab brings new compact Futura 8 to market

The new 8-tonne Hiab Multilift Futura 8
After launching its Multilift Futura skiploader in 2015, Hiab has added a smaller model for use in busy city streets.

Hiab is unveiling the new Multilift Futura 8 to the waste industry in Germany later this month.

The 8-tonne model joins the Futura range, which currently includes a 12-tonne skiploader featuring innovative design, top performance and durability.

“This is a skiploader designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern skiphandling,” said Hans Ekman, Head of Sales, Demountables at Hiab.

“The Multilift Futura 8 can be navigated through narrow city streets with ease. For an 8-tonne skiploader, we’re confident it will deliver new levels of productivity. It’s an excellent choice when you are looking to get high performance for a quicker return on investment.”

The smaller-sized skiploader can easier be carried on a smaller truck. The completely redesigned lightweight steel construction gives more payload without compromising strength, meaning that customers can haul more while saving fuel. For higher uptime, it was designed to facilitate routine checks and provides easy access to all key components.

Mr Ekman said that the Futura 8 adds several leading-edge safety innovations, such as hydraulic side stops, hydraulic container lock and safety interlocks, boosting safety for both the operator and people nearby.

The global launch will take place at the IAA in Hannover, Germany between 22 and 29 September.

Details on the Futura’s build, from innovation to launch, can be found in this Waste Management Review article.

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