Household recycling – what’s important?

household recycling

Victorians are being asked to help sort the four-bin household waste and recycling system to be introduced across the state.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is standardising recycling at homes across Victoria and is seeking feedback on what items should go in which bin.

An online community survey and a survey for councils, industry and other organisations is open until 5 January, 2022.

According to DELWP, Victorians send four million tonnes of waste to landfill each year. A significant amount of landfill comes from people putting items into the wrong bins. Incorrect recycling can cause high quality recyclables to become contaminated by rubbish.

The Victorian Government has invested more than $515 million to transform Victoria’s waste and recycling industry, including $380 million to deliver Recycling Victoria: A new economy, the government’s plan to build a sustainable circular economy for Victoria.

Another $127 million has been earmarked to improve and strengthen recycling across the state, including the roll out of a new standardised four-stream household waste and recycling system.

Councils will roll out the new system in line with local community needs and considerations. All households will have access to services for separated glass recycling by 2027 and food organics and garden organics (FOGO) by 2030.

Most Victorian households will use a colour-coded four-bin system: glass – purple lid; FOGO – green lid; mixed recyclables – yellow lid; household rubbish – red lid.

Rural and regional areas without household collections may have access to drop-off points and transfer stations.

DELWP says defining the items that can go into each of the four streams will increase recycling and the quality of recycled materials and mean less waste to landfill.

The department has worked with industry, councils and representative groups to understand how to make it easier to process recyclable materials and what makes processing difficult.

A draft list of standard items for glass, FOGO and mixed recyclables has been put together.

Victorians are now being asked what is most important to them when recycling at home.

A survey summary is expected to be released in early 2022. Survey results will be used to inform a final draft list of the four-bin system and how best to roll it out.

Standard lists for glass, FOGO, mixed recyclables and household rubbish will be part of the new state regulations currently being drafted.

To complete the survey, visit:

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