Hundreds of dumped tyres prompt warning

dumped tyres

Hundreds of tyres dumped on the side of the road in Queensland has prompted a warning from the local council that offenders will be fined.

City of Gold Coast council is already facing a huge clean-up following severe weather events in December 2023. Last Thursday, hundreds of tyres were dumped on the side of the road in the rural town of Norwell.

“This is a disgraceful act at the best of times – but considering what our city has been dealing with over the past three weeks – it’s just disgusting,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

“Our city officers and volunteers have been working tirelessly in tough and hot conditions to clean up after the storm. Acts like this just adds to their already mammoth workload.

“Illegal dumpers are warned – this is not something we take lightly, and you will be fined.”

Tyres contain synthetic rubber and oil-based plastics, so are a significant fire risk if stockpiled. They are also a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Tyres can be recycled either through an accredited tyre dealer, with a local recycler or at city waste and recycling centres.  Removal of tyres by commercial operators must be undertaken by licensed waste transporters to ensure they are disposed of appropriately.

“The city places mobile cameras in areas across the Gold Coast to deter and catch those who illegally dump,” Tate said. “We urge anyone who sees anyone illegally dumping waste anywhere in the city to report it.”

Fines for illegal dumping range from $309 to $3096 for individuals and from $1548 to $11,610 for corporations.

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