Independent review of oil product stewardship launched

The Federal Government has announced a fourth independent review of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Act 2000.

Deloitte Access Economics has been engaged to conduct the review, which according to Assistant Waste Reduction Minister Trevor Evans, continues the Federal Government’s program of action to boost recycling and resource recovery.

“Oil product stewardship ensures producers are taking responsibility for their waste products – creating jobs, producing new valuable products and protecting the environment from improper end of life management of waste oil,” Evans said.

Under the Product Stewardship for Oil scheme, Australia’s oil recyclers collect and recycle used oil from over 48,000 businesses around Australia that produce waste oil, such as mechanics, car dealerships, factories, passenger transport, freight, service stations and heavy industry.

Evans added that the scheme has been delivering strong results ahead of the review.

“This scheme has been highly successful and we want to build on that success. It’s been operating for twenty years and results in approximately 300 million litres of waste oil being collected and recycled every year,” he said.

“The independent review is a chance to make sure all the right parts are working together smoothly.”

The review will look at the financial and operational sustainability of the scheme, to ensure its effectiveness now and into the future.

“A single automotive oil change can produce four to five litres of oil and just one litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water,” Evans said.

“This scheme makes a big difference to the environment and the health of Australians, turning used oil from across the country into valuable new products.

“We must ensure we are recycling used oil from metropolitan and regional sites across Australia to keep our country beautiful and protect the environment.”

On 30 June 2020, the Federal Government announced an additional $7.8 million in temporary funding to support oil recycling facilities affected by COVID-19.

The scheme supports 11 oil recycling facilities around Australia and employs 600 people.

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