Waste Management In Action

India closing the door to waste tyre imports

2022 budget

In January 2022, the ‘ERP Scheme draft document’ was issued, which is targeting 2022-2023 as the ‘line in the sand’ for India to ban imports of waste tyres, creating a global shock to Tyre Manufacturers, Tyre Exporters and Offshore Tyre Recyclers.

Amongst others, the USA, Europe, and the United Kingdom will need to find alternate outlets for their tyre waste.

The Australian Government has already legislated to ban the export of ‘whole baled waste tyres’, effective from December 2021.

Australia is now even more responsible for managing its own waste streams.

Once implemented, the Indian ban will significantly increase the volumes of waste tyres that need to be processed within the countries that accumulate them.

The capacity to cater for these volumes does not currently exist in Australia, and we cannot rely on the crumbing of waste tyres for use in playground and pathway surfaces, to solve the problem. Read More

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