India joins Global Community of Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes for Tyres

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Tyre Stewardship Australia has welcomed an ambitious target by India to recover 100 per cent of end-of-life tyres by 2025.

In an announcement dated 31 December 2021, the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change published a draft of legislation due to gradually come into effect in 2022 which aims to recover 100 per cent of end-of-life tyres by 2025.

Lina Goodman, Chief Executive Officer of Tyre Stewardship Australia said the Indian government’s legislation was an important development.

“This step shows encouraging progress in recognising that we are dealing with a global challenge. All states and national entities are responsible for playing their part in reaching acceptable solutions by encouraging and supporting their respective stewardship schemes and organisations,” she said.

“This development will most likely make it easier for global players to act responsibly and actively avoid many of the environmental and social risks associated with the global collection and trading of end-of-life tyres.

“For years at TSA we have been aware of the fundamental need to enforce accreditation of all involved in the recovery process: our investment in the verification of all domestic and international destinations for Australian end-of-life tyres have paid off and are fully consistent with the vision of the Indian legislators.”

In October 2021, TSA claimed a victory in its drive to find solutions for Off-the-Road (OTR) tyres at their end of life with big name OTR tyre importers Bearcat, Bridgestone Mining Solutions, Goodyear, Kal Tire, Michelin and Yokohama committing to the voluntary Tyre Product Stewardship Scheme from January 2022.

The tyre importers have agreed to contribute financially to the scheme and help find sustainable outcomes for the almost 114,000 tonnes of OTR tyres buried, stockpiled or sent to landfill annually.

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