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Infastech Engineered Fastening: fastening the pin

Infastech Engineered Fastening’s Glenn Heffernan discusses how the company is helping waste transporters safely secure their loads in a variety of challenging applications.

Assisting truck and trailer manufacturing in the use of fasteners is part and parcel for Infastech Engineered Fastening.

The 60-year old company, which became Australian-owned in 2017, supplies fasteners and fastening systems to the truck and trailer industry. The systems support manufacturing from the chassis, through to curtain rails and all work associated with fixing panels to bodies in all types of materials.

Glenn Heffernan, Managing Director at Infastech Engineered Fastening, says he took ownership of the company last year to help support the local truck and trailer industry and manufacturing sector, after spending the last five years running the US-owned company.

“We see a great future in Australian manufacturing especially in the niche area of truck and trailers,” Glenn explains.

“We provide fastening solutions and systems to manufacturers and many of these are distributed to the waste transportation industry as they customise them based on their own individual contracts.”

Infastech Engineered Fastening offers a range of products to suit customised applications. From its trademark Monobolt rivet, to its pin and collar system and a battery tool for breakstem rivets, the truck and trailer industry has a range of choices at its disposal.

“Where trailer panels meet the floor, manufacturers used to weld assemblies together, now waste transporters are using our product,” he says.

Glenn says the pin and collar product provides an ideal fastener for the operator. It comes in a range of sizes, including three by 16 inches through to five by 16 inches and a variety of different platings designed to suit the rugged industry of waste transportation.

“We can put a variety of platings on to protect pins and collars so that they do not rust over time,” he says.

“The collar gets swaged onto the pin with a pneumatic tool. It provides protection against vibration so that it will never come loose.

“There’s so much vibration in a truck and trailer which is why businesses are turning to the pin and collar set up rather than using standard bolts and nuts which tend to come loose.”

For those that don’t have a great deal of access to internal panels, or wish to eliminate a two-person process, the Monobolt multi-grip visible locked structural rivet offers an ideal alternative to the pin and collar. The Monobolt product provides a fully sealed joint to connect the panels and framework, is appropriate for a range of thicknesses and is suited to heavy-duty applications where safety and performance is crucial.

Monobolt rivets can be applied to strengthen metal to metal or metal to plastic and come in sizes 4.8, 6.4 and 10 millimetres and the option to select from materials such as aluminium, steel and stainless (304 and 316) to suit all environments.

To help install and secure the fasteners, Glenn says the company has ensured it offers all the latest technologies.

Fastening tools replace now traditional forms of welding, which assists with eliminating occupational health and safety costs, rework and cleaning – required processes involved with welding. He explains that traditional fastening tools are pneumatic and work via air compression, requiring more maintenance, which is why Infastech distributes a battery-operated rivet tool.

“The most traditional and internationally-recognised manufacturers of fasteners are AVDEL and POP and they recently joined forces to bring out a new battery-powered tools which is really exciting,” Glenn says.

“POP and AVDEL combined their more than 160-years of experience to offer the PB-2500 and PB-3400 battery-operated tool.”

Glenn says the major benefit to businesses using a battery-operated rivet tool is minimal production downtime, as the tools don’t require servicing like that of pneumatic tools and only a charge on the battery which takes one hour to fully re-charge.

“The PB-3400 is designed for the quarter inch Monobolt, which is commonly used in the trucking industry. There’s not many tools on the market that can do that as effectively as our POP tool.”

The battery-operated tool is also ideal, he adds, eliminating air hoses on the floor and extra costs to a business on tool service and repair, while allowing for repairs off-site.

As the exclusive distributor to Australia and New Zealand for Stanley Engineered Fastening systems, Glenn says the company is able to draw upon a wealth of sister company resources, including centres in Asia, the USA and Europe.

“We’re ISO9001 certified, an international standard used to certify products that meet customer requirements. We offer engineering support through a dedicated engineering and sales team and that’s where we differ from a normal nuts and bolt shop,” he says.

“We’re here to help cut costs in the manufacturing process, whether it’s finding a new way of doing things, consolidating parts, or improving their speed and quality, customers can count on Infastech Engineered Fastening to offer a high level of support and after-sales service.”

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