Waste Management In Action

Integrated machinery

Waste Management Review highlights a variety of sorting and separating equipment from Eggersmann GmbH, designed to suit a diverse range of applications from construction and demolition to municipal solid waste. 

The key to successful and efficient material sorting is understanding the material properties and variability, then to properly present the material to sorting technologies or pickers.

Achieving the right particle size and shape is essential and that means optimising the process from start to finish, helping to achieve financial savings. Eggersmann GmbH has expertise not only as an equipment manufacturer but systems integrator, offering full turnkey plants, in addition to its flagship BRT HARTNER brand – distributed locally by Skala Australasia.

Its diverse offering ensures that products can be adapted to fit the task. In the area of sorting and separating equipment, the BRT HARTNER range has been developed to ensure an even and distributed material flow when presented to downstream sorting equipment.

BRT HARTNER Dosing Hoppers and Bag Openers ensure the material is of a suitable size when presented to material sorting technologies or pickers. BRT HARTNER’s BOS opens plastic waste bags and transfers the materials to downstream sorting and recovery plants. 

Detlev Rakemann, Key Account Manager BRT HARTNER – Eggersmann GmbH, says dosing hoppers and bag openers offer a financially viable alternative over using a shredder, not to mention keeping materials to the appropriate size for further sorting and separation.

“Our argument against using a shredder is you use it to cut materials down into small pieces, so when you need to separate and recycle the materials it’s difficult,” Detlev says.

“The bag opener opens the bags and does not cut the material into pieces and that makes sorting and separating after more efficient. When you compare the shredders and bag opener, the shredder also has higher energy and wear costs.”

When you combine the materials with an integral decompactor, a feed hopper can also be used for dosed feeding of green, biological and plastic waste and organic production residues. The end result is an even material and a DC feed hopper with decompactor performs this role, working across mechanical and biological waste treatment.

The BRT HARTNER range also offers ballistic separators that perform 2D and 3D material separation, suited to downstream processes such as optical sorters.

Detlev says BRT’s ballistic separators patented bearings for the eccentric drive of the screen paddles, in a one-step process to separate single stream, light packaging and commingled waste.

Detlev says that while these machines can be used for light materials such as municipal solid waste, they have more recently also been adapted for heavy duty applications such as construction and demolition waste, which is gaining interest in Australia.

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