Intelligent risk mitigation

The Sentinel VISION AI can be attached to most landfill machinery and equipment.

PRM Engineering Services’ Sentinel Vision AI, is an innovation in risk mitigation and human detection technology for the waste sector.

Human error or negligence on landfill sites can have devastating consequences. Brisbane-based company PRM Engineering Services is behind the development of the Sentinel VISION AI machine safety system. By using

AI, as well as machine learning, the human recognition technology detects and alerts operators and nearby pedestrians of a potential near miss.

Mike Davis, PRM Group Managing Director, says it is at the forefront of human detection systems.

“The initial request for such a product came from the road construction industry,” he says. “With the evolution of the product came more requests from different industries. One such request was from a number of waste management

Mike Davis, PRM Group Managing Director companies, which led to compatibility trials. Following these trials, we began a national rollout across a number of landfill and transfer stations and across a range of different mobile machinery applications such as dozers, compactors loaders and excavators.”

PRM Engineering sits alongside its sister companies Premier Rock, dealers for Montabert Rockbreaking equipment and importers of the specialised Movax Piling equipment; and Plantmech, a hydraulic and technical installations specialist, which has serviced the top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 companies in earthmoving, construction, rail, waste and civil infrastructure, over the past 20 years.

Mike says that one of the core strengths of the Sentinel VISION AI is its ability to differentiate between humans and objects, reducing the number of false detections and alarms.

“This system focuses on human detection and nothing else. Drivers are alerted once a human is detected within the programmed zone and the system encourages people to get out of the zone,” he says.

Avril Davis, PRM Engineering Services Director, says the product has been recognised as a benchmark for risk mitigation technology.

“A major milestone for us, as a company and the product, was winning the Queensland Safe Work Awards.

“To be recognised by WorkSafe ambassadors, such as their safety inspectors, who have investigated near misses and accidents across sites, and thus be validated in the design of such a system, was really rewarding to us.

“Since then we have received interest from other government safety bodies nationally and across other sectors.”


PRM Engineering Services has developed the product to ensure that maintenance and support can continue despite factors such as travel distance and COVID-19 lockdowns.

“I think one of the biggest advantages to our service is the support,” Mike says.

“We are willing to share the technology with our clients to make sure they can be self-sufficient, especially when it comes to ongoing repairs and calibrations. This is so our customers have a system that is user- friendly and very easy to maintain.”

Mike says that such support can also be completed remotely, removing the need for face-to-face consultations.

“By using a modem, we are able to access the system and do remote troubleshooting for our clients, as well as product updates.

“The majority of actions with the product can be completed remotely through server access. So, if a component such as the camera is replaced, we are able to reset the detection zones for our clients.

“I think this gives the customer confidence that they can have a system which works, as well as security that they have done everything possible to protect their workers.”

Avril says the ongoing development of the product will hold the device in great stead for the future, and open the door for introducing the device to more industries.

“Crucial to our product is the ongoing research and development in-house. PRM Engineering is continuously looking at ways to reduce costs, is able to design and support the product locally, and continuously engages and embeds the latest technologies available, according to individual customer needs,” Avril says.

“Our background is earthmoving and we are passionate about safety, which brings a different element and understanding to the development of our safety products. We’ve got in- depth knowledge of our industry and mobile machinery.”

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