QLD council safety focus in waste fleet upgrade

Queensland’s Ipswich City Council has recently upgraded its waste collections assets, boosting safety in the process, with the addition of eight new Dennis Eagle compactors.

The new compactors have replaced older units in the council’s fleet, adding to improved safety for operators in its waste collection service. A spokesperson from the council confirmed that the Dennis Eagle order comprised eight 6×4 dual control units, including four 24m3 compactors and four 33m3 compactors.

“The 24 m3 units will be used specifically for picking up general waste and delivering to landfills, as well as collecting green waste, while the 33m3 compactors will be used for collecting recyclables,” said Chris Theron, Ipswich City Council Waste Services Manager.

During the production phase, Dennis Eagle was also tasked with installing a number of ‘fit for purpose’ safety features on all eight compactors.

“Operator safety was a huge part of the purchase, which is why we specified low entry cabs, so that our drivers wouldn’t have to climb up to get into the trucks,” Mr Theron said.

“Complete road visibility was also important and Dennis Eagle met the brief with large windows eliminating blind spots and enabling the driver to see side-to-side, front and back, as well as the activity on the lower part of the vehicle,” he added.

Mr Theron also praised Dennis Eagle on its overall service, stating that the supplier’s training and aftersales support also factored into the purchase.

“Prior to putting the compactors into service, Dennis Eagle conducted various driver training and maintenance sessions with our operators and workshop mechanics to ensure that our team maintains the quality of the compactors over its service life, while helping to reduce driver breakdowns,” stated Mr Theron.

The council’s investment in the new compactors has been a major boon for Dennis Eagle. Mark Gobessi, General Manager for Dennis Eagle in Australia added that Ipswich Council runs one of the largest council-managed operations in Queensland and highlighted its major focus on operations safety and productivity.

“It was a pleasure working with a customer who understood the fundamental benefits that Dennis Eagle offer through improved vehicle safety for the driver and wider community,” commented Mr Gobessi. “The Ipswich City Council is but one of the Dennis Eagle faithful who understand the capabilities of the product.”

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