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Italian made: Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant’s newest distribution partnership will see Venieri wheel loaders on Australian shores for the first time. Business Development Manager Mark Ewan explains.

Despite manufacturing in Italy since 1948, Venieri Earthmoving Machines might be a name unfamiliar to much of Australia’s waste and recycling sector. That is set to change, however, with the first Venieri wheel loader arriving on Australian shores in late September.

After expanding its footprint in the United States and Canada, Venieri recently began eyeing the Australian market.

At the same time, machinery and equipment supplier Tutt Bryant was looking overseas for a wheel loader range to complement its existing portfolio. From there, the partnership was born.

According to Mark Ewan, Tutt Bryant Business Development Manager, the initial enquiry came through Tutt Bryant’s existing equipment partner Yanmar.

He explains that Venieri and Yanmar had a joint venture agreement, whereby Yanmar would rebadge Venieri loaders for sale on the European market.

Due to Tutt Bryant’s long-standing partnership with Yanmar equipment and their quality requirements, Ewan says the company felt confident about the Venieri product and its ability to meet the needs of the Australian Market.

“Following the initial enquiry, we travelled to Italy for a week to demo the machines and assess how they spec’d up against major competitors in the Australian market,” he says.

“We also spoke with a number of customers in Europe who were or had run with major brands in their fleet to get feedback on their experiences with the loaders, which was all positive.”

Ewan explains that the customers he spoke with all noted the durability, reliability and performance of the Venieri loaders and all believed they were as good, if not better, than any other brand they had used.

“After further testing, we came to the conclusion that Venieri loaders were a good fit for our market,” he says.

Venieri wheel loaders offer hydrostatic transmissions, Z and parallel front bar linkage, inching brake pedals, precisely balanced weight distribution and oscillating axles on the rear chassis section.

Built for power, the new Deutz four-or-six-cylinder turbo charged diesel engines ensure high-level performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Venieri’s next generation range brings significant stylistic innovations to its cabin design, Ewan says.

He adds that the loaders offer great visibility, reversing cameras, adjustable suspension seats and steering columns, and a single joy stick lever with a forward reverse switch. The loaders also have significant storage space and a good ventilation system with climate control.

“As anyone familiar with waste environments such as transfer stations understands, ventilation is critical due to the often hot and dusty conditions. This is also backed up by an automatic and inbuilt reverse fan and self-cleaning unit,” Ewan says.

The air cleaner system offers two-stage filtration through high efficiency primary and safety filters, which can be integrated with a high efficiency pre-cleaner removing dust from the filter automatically, via a scavenge linked to the exhaust line for maximum engine protection.

Made with sound absorbent materials and special anti-vibration rubber shock absorbers, Venieri cabins facilitate significant noise reduction, thereby providing a comfortable working environment for operators.

While suited to a range of industries, Ewan notes the loader’s hydrostatic transmission as a key benefit for waste and recycling applications.

“Because the loaders are hydrostatic, they can operate in small spaces efficiently, which are common in the waste industry especially transfer stations and small yards,” he says.

“It also drives power to the ground, making back and forward motion in tight areas more efficient compared to traditional drive loaders.”

Tutt Bryant offers an optional waste package with the loaders, which Ewan says includes waste guards for the front and rear which can be tailored to suit various applications.

The additional counter weights are useful for loading large buckets, Ewan adds, with an additional option of high lift booms available for hopper loading.

The Venieri range is available through Tutt Bryant in four models, all of which Ewan says meet and exceed waste industry needs.

For larger transfer stations or when dealing with glass and paper, Ewan recommends the VF 12.63 loader, which is fitted with a parallel linkage for powerful lifting performance. For smaller local government run transfer stations, he recommends the VF 7.63.

“The special design of the counterweight guarantees manoeuvrability, maximum drive angle and protects the rear light system,” Ewan says.

As with all Tutt Bryant equipment offerings, the Venieri range is backed up by 24/7 servicing and parts support.

“The machines themselves are also fitted with Venieri global GPS, so we can diagnose any problem remotely and troubleshoot with the customer.”

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