Komatsu Forest/Peterson partnership a success story

Komatsu Forest/Peterson partnership

The Komatsu Forest/Peterson partnership is proving successful, with the 2710D grinder making a name for itself in Australia’s organics and forestry recycling industries.

The Peterson brand was founded in 1981, making industry-changing equipment to turn low-grade organic materials into high value product. 

It’s been an integral member of the Astec Industries family since 2007, harnessing a comprehensive dealer, parts, and service network. 

Over the years, Komatsu Forest has invested in smart, diverse people and cutting-edge technologies. In 2009 the company recognised the need to expand its product range to meet the developing changes in the market, especially for export. After a market search the company found Peterson chippers and grinders fitted with its product mix and market strategies.

The timing proved right as Peterson was also looking for a distributor in the forest and green waste markets to take it to the next level in Australia. A dealer agreement was signed on 1 October 2010.

Brett Jones, Managing Director of Komatsu Forest, says the partnership has proven successful from the beginning.

“The Peterson products have a strong following,” Brett says. “So much so that there are just a few grinder production slots left in 2023 while chippers are sold out until 2024.” 

Komatsu Forest has been successful in selling a broad range of Peterson Horizontal grinders in Australia, from 455 to 1200 horsepower (339–894 kW), in both diesel and electric applications. The most popular model is the 2710D – with more than 20 units operating throughout the country. 

Brett says the Peterson 2710D is designed for operations requiring mobility, high production, and frequent moves between jobs.

The Australian version draws its power from a Caterpillar Tier II C18 570kW (765 hp) engine and the feed opening is one of the largest in its class. 

“The 2710’s large feed opening allows it to manage a range of materials,” Brett says. “Measuring 153 x 81 centimetres, when boosted by Peterson’s high-lift feed roll, the maximum lift is 11 centimetres.

“This is followed by Peterson’s powerful upturn three-stage grinding process for better material fracturing and a consistent product that ensures the required product can always be produced.”

Brett says Peterson grinders feature upturning rotors that are configured to produce lighter mulches with fewer fines. The upturning rotors perform more of the reduction process through shearing and cleavage fractures in the wood. He says that because less energy is used, they’re more productive. 

Peterson’s patented Impact Release System air bags also provide uniform grinding and protection from contaminated feedstock. There’s a second line of defence of urethane cushions and shear pins that help protect the mill from catastrophic damage in the event of impact from contaminants in the feedstock.

Brett says the features add up to quality product at the lowest cost per tonne.

“The Peterson 2710D provides a difference in profitability at the end of the year with less downtime, lower fuel consumption, lower colorant cost, and higher mulch yields,” he says. “It produces the highest quality product at the lowest cost per tonne.”

Komatsu Forest Pty Ltd is located at Newington, Sydney, with branches and agents throughout the Australian forest regions. 

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