Komptech CEA bound for IFAT Munich 2024

IFAT Munich 2024

IFAT Munich 2024 is a solution platform, a networking event, and a knowledge hub bringing together key international industry representatives from politics, business and science in waste, water, sewage and raw materials management. 

Offering exciting ideas and innovative solutions for industrial and municipal challenges, IFAT Munich also provides hundreds of exhibits for visitors to experience in action and up close. This is what makes it more versatile and results-oriented than any other trade fair.

And it’s why Komptech CEA will be in attendance. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a big player or a medium-sized company, a large city or a small municipality, IFAT Munich places a focus on recycling and disposal for private-sector and municipal waste management companies. The aim is to identify solutions to close raw material cycles and further advance the circular economy.

Which strategy is effective? Which process is suitable for which need? Which vehicles and machines are particularly energy-efficient? Businesses will get answers and tailored solutions for every process across the various material flows, including smart collection, new sorting and processing methods, energy-efficient materials handling and AI-bases software solutions.

New machines

Komptech CEA will be displaying a range of new machines, while also providing further details about their availability in Australia.

Site tours

Komptech CEA will also be offering a range of site tours for those interested in the inner workings of the organisation, both before and after IFAT Munich  024. 

One set of tours includes a visit to the Komptech head office at Frohleiten (northern Austria) and Factory II, the production facility in Ljutomer (northeastern Slovenia), before the IFAT event. There will also be an opportunity to visit a working site near Frankfurt.  

For more information, visit: www.komptechcea.com.au

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