Komptech CEA Terminator shreds the toughest waste

waste shredding

Slow-speed shredders play a critical role in the waste management sector. With their rugged design and adaptability, the Komptech CEA Terminator can shred even the toughest waste.

The bulk waste, waste and recycling, and landfill industries are seeing significant opportunities from the Terminator.

The processing of waste for materials recycling or energy production usually starts with shredding to condition the waste cross-spectrum for further process steps. This is exactly what the Terminator is built for. As a low-speed single-shaft shredder, it can be used on all types of waste. 

Komptech CEA is seeing wide use of the Terminator for shredding waste wood and green, commercial and residual waste. Some interesting materials that are dealt with include tyres and canvas. 

Stand out from the crowd

The Terminator is a unique product. Even the toughest kinds of waste don’t stand a chance against the Terminator – it gets it all down to the desired particle size. 

Depending on the shredding unit, the material is coarsely broken down or shredded to a defined grain. The hydraulic adjustment of the gap between the drum and counter comb makes it possible to match the shred to the downstream processing steps.

There are four different drums to choose from – the new V (Versatile) for different uses, U (Universal) for coarse breakup, F (Fine) for a wide range of uses, and XXF (Extra Fine) for the finest shreddings. This flexibility can support many industries as they seek to provide a large selection of resources.

The Terminator’s continuous cutting gap adjustment allows for the precise setting of the final particle size. Folding the counter comb all the way to one side makes the shredding chamber freely accessible for all types of maintenance. 

The massive teeth are firmly bolted on and can be re-used multiple times. Armouring increases their life, and easily replaceable wear rings protect the body of the drum. These are both factors that keep wear and maintenance costs low.

It’s not just the teeth and the cutting adjustment that help the Terminator stand out. The hydraulic drive with load-dependent speed control makes for ease of product throughput. 

The superior throughput offers maximum efficiency, ease of operation and reliability.

Keeping users safe

The Terminator is operated via the control panel and can also be controlled remotely. It features e-stops on all sides of the machine as well as on the remote control. 

The new operating console, with its big colour display, makes it easy for new users to work with the machine. Experienced operators will have many ways to optimise operations. The operating panel has a colour display that clearly shows all functions and operating status with symbols and colour coding.

Complete maintenance access is standard across the Terminator range. Doors in the panels grant access to all maintenance points, while the hydraulically movable counter comb enables problem-free access to the shredding chamber. 

Options such as over belt magnet or magnet roller, remote control, and central lubrication provide additional functionality and convenience.

With low-speed shredders operating in a different space from high-speed shredders, the Terminator range stands out with easy maintenance and serviceability.  

For more information, visit: www.komptechcea.com.au

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