Komptech drum screens from ELB Equipment

Komptech drum screens from ELB Equipment

ELB Equipment offers a variety of drum screens to handle compost, wood/biomass, soil and gravel and other wastes.  

Komptech’s Cribus series uses an innovative drum design with a diameter of 2.2 metres for a higher throughput capacity than previous models. 

A larger cross section of feeding aims to avoid blockages, while a bigger distance of 140 millimetres between the screening drums and side walls allows for perforations of up to 100 millimetres, which reduces the dangers of material deposits. 

The Cribus boasts significant energy savings with everything driven electrically from the hopper to the discharge system. The electric drive aims to offer higher efficiency than hydraulics and up to 75 per cent savings when operating with mains. Other benefits include a quick and safe drum change.

Komptech’s Nemus series aims to get started faster with a convenient discharge, drum change within 20 minutes, simpler maintenance and more screening from the same area. The Nemus 2700 is a hydraulic machine ready to work within five minutes, with a run out that supports and unlocks the oversize conveyor and folds out the conveyors for screening. 

From heavy dirt to bulky green cuttings, the hopper takes a broad scope of material into the drum. The machine comprises more than five cubic metres of volume and a drum-side hopper drive for better power transfer, higher performance and no belt slippage with heavy materials. Maintenance aims to be easy with the engine compartment accessible from all sides.