Komptech Terminator single-shaft shredder

Komptech Terminator single-shaft shredder

Komptech’s Terminator 6000S is a low-speed, high-torque single-shaft industrial shredder designed to process nearly all types of difficult waste including heavy construction and demolition waste, debris, white goods, mattresses, tyres and municipal solid waste.

The heavy-duty, mobile shredder is powered by a choice of modern CAT engines Tier 3 – Tier 5, which deliver 600 horsepower to the drum.

The direct drive drum, with load dependent speed control, creates maximum shredding force that can reverse at any time to prevent blockages, redistribute material or clean the drum.

The intelligent drum design features robust teeth in a spiral arrangement for maximum cutting and tearing, while keeping shredded material consistent.

Overload protection prevents unshreddable contraries from ruining the tool elements.

Continuous cutting gap adjustment also allows for the precise setting of desired particle size.

Operators benefit from adjustable cutting gaps, counter combs and swap shredding units, which can be configured from coarse pre-shredding to defined shredding.

The hydraulic drive with load-dependent speed control ensures maximum utilisation of the engine output.

The hook lift platform, three-axle chassis and steel tracks with hydraulic drive options also provide excellent mobility.

Available in Australia through Komptech CEA, the shredder features a remote-controlled hopper with a 3.4 metre feed opening into one of the largest shredding units on the market, facilitating fast and efficient operations.

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