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Komptech’s ‘special’ organics separator

Komptech organics separator

Komptech CEA is on a pathway to sustainability.

From supporting electric technology, to establishing its own ‘green efficiency’ innovation program, the company is making strides towards zero emissions, says Craig Cosgrove, Komptech National Sales Manager. 

Craig says the Hurrikan S (special) separator is pushing the envelope.

The Hurrikan S separator is one of Komptech CEA’s ‘hybrid’ machines, supporting a conventional diesel power source, as well as an electric powered alternative, and an electric drive.

Craig says the Hurrikan S is mainly used for dealing with organics, kerbside rubbish, compost and FOGO waste. The design change provides a boost for productivity.

“Typically, machines with a diesel engine have a hydraulic circuit. These are less efficient when compared to electric motors and drives,” he says.

“It comes as a hybrid, so users can use power if they have access to it. It can also have a Perkins power pack, which allows it to be used in areas where there is no access to power, such as paddocks. Users can turn the key and the engine will run through the generator and self-power itself.”

Craig says the machine targets light materials such as plastics and foils, using a pressurised and vacuum system. Material is fed into the Hurrikan S via a conveyor and then spread evenly by a vibrating feeder. This material is then dropped into a series of blowers, where the heavy material (mulch) is dropped onto a conveyor and the light materials (plastics) are suspended.

The material then goes under the two vacuums, where the light materials are extracted.

Craig says this process includes the use of magnetic and roller separators. As a result, the Hurrikan S has a separation efficiency of up to 95 per cent and enables the user to extract value from any oversize material.

“If 15 to 20 per cent of that oversize is contaminated, it can be difficult to deal with this material. If we can value-add and put it back through the process, it’s a win for everyone,” he says. “The machine provides three clean splits. A clean oversize fraction, plastics and other light materials sorted to one side and then scrap steel separated as well if required.”

Electric benefits 

The Hurrikan S forms part of Komptech CEA’s green efficiency program, which focuses on producing machines that produce higher outputs, while consuming less energy. It also incorporates longer-lasting wear parts.

Craig says while the electric drive doesn’t make the Hurrikan S a completely zero emission free machine, it does present significant sustainability benefits. 

It has reduced emissions and reduced noise, while maintaining the same throughput. Users also receive cost-benefits from the switch to electric.

“It’s much cheaper to run an electroncially powered system, rather than a hydraulic drive system. There is also a substantial fuel reduction,” he says.

Flexibility and maintenance 

The machine can also be manually adjusted, depending on the density of the material that needs to be separated. The height of the vacuums and pressures can be changed to suit the density of the oversize product.

“The machine also has variable convertor frequency, meaning operators can change the volume of the output from the machines fans. This allows for precise control,” Craig says.

For enhanced mobility, the Hurrikan S can be purchased in a tyred-trailer configuration. It also comes in a stationary version, without an undercarriage, for plant applications. 

All parts are backed by Komptech CEA’s network of branches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The distributor also has facilities in Auckland and Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

Craig says the Hurrikan S design makes it easy to maintain.

“Vents, openings and platforms allow for easy access during maintenance. 

“There’s also no hydraulic oil and no hydraulic filters which need to be regularly maintained with the electric drive,” he says.  

For more information, visit: www.komptechcea.com.au

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