Landfill project easing effects on the environment

Corangamite Shire Council has announced a gas management project, which will be the equivalent of planting 280,000 trees or removing 3500 cars off the road each year.

The Shire Council has partnered with LMS energy to achieve the outcomes, which will see the building of a landfill biogas flaring facility.

The facility will be able to combust landfill biogas in a contained unit, instead of releasing carbon into the stratosphere.

The facility will subtract an estimated 17,000 tonnes of carbon a year, and remove an estimated 1,750,000 cubic metres of landfill biogas a year.

Mayor Ruth Gstrein said the facility should be a motivator for surrounding councils to employ environmentally friendly methods.

“The partnership with LMS will turn the gas from a liability that needs to be managed, to an asset that can be traded for green credits,” Gstrein said.

“Council has entered into a long-term arrangement with LMS that will provide commercial benefits for both parties.”

The flare facility is expected to become fully operational in the next 18 months.

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