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Leading by example

The Econic by Mercedes-Benz Trucks is setting a new standard for refuse collection in the waste and recycling industry.

Leaders push boundaries, challenge the norm, and make changes to drive progress.  Mercedes-Benz is drawing on those qualities with the development of the Econic, providing the waste industry with safer, more efficient and comfortable trucks.

The economical Econic also delivers sustainable solutions to the growing emissions burden in urban areas, and provides ideal working conditions for the refuse collection driver and crew. 

Leadership in safety

Providing trucks that are safe for not only the driver and the goods they are transporting, but the wider community at large, is an ongoing endeavour for Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The low-entry concept of the Econic means there are only two steps up into the cab, which means getting in and out is easy and safe. On a busy working day, that means less climbing up and down compared with other trucks. Also good for the back and the joints is the full air suspension with raising and lowering function on all axles. 

The walk-through cab allows the driver to enter and exit the cab from the traffic-free side of the road using the inward-opening folding door. Optimum vision of the road, and reducing blind spots, is an important strategy to ensure all road users are kept safe. The Econic allows drivers to see other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, at eye level, thanks to the DirectVision cab. 

The low seating position of the driver, the glazed cab and the additional safety assistance systems make for a better view of the road and pavements in all directions – compared with regular trucks, that’s an advantage in busy inner cities and complex situations where waste truck drivers are negotiating narrow streets, traffic and pedestrians. The DirectVision cab provides drivers with optimal support and ensures greater safety on the road. 

The Econic can be equipped with as many as 10 safety assistance systems with the aid of cameras, sensors and additional lighting systems, designed for urban operations. These assistance systems range from Sideguard Assist, pre-installation for Reversing Assist, Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and the blind spot camera. 

Emissions solutions 

The efficient Euro VI OM936 7.7l engine platform, offered as standard in the Econic range, exceeds current regulatory requirements for emissions standards in Australia with outputs ranging from 200kW (272hp) at 2200rpm, to 260kW (354hp) at 2200rpm.

The Euro VI engine platform minimises particulate emissions and nitrous oxides produced from traditional Euro V engines, as well as minimising fuel and AdBlue consumption at the same time.

Ideal working conditions 

The Econic’s spacious cab offers great freedom of movement and is designed to deliver ideal working conditions. There is room for up to three passengers. When pulling away, the folding door on the passenger side closes automatically. 

Depending on the field of operation, a hinged door can also be installed. Users can also choose between a high and a low cab height.

For more information visit: www.mercedes-benz-trucks.com/en_AU/models/econic.html

waste awardsAs a sponsor of the Waste, Innovation and Recycling Awards, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is proud to be recognising individuals in the waste industry who have shown strength in leadership over the past year. 

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