Lendlease launches sustainability targets

Lendlease launches sustainability targets

Real estate and investment group Lendlease has revealed a new campaign to promote the company’s new sustainability targets.

The ambitious targets will form part of the Mission Zero campaign, which will be launched in four regions including Australia to promote sustainability in the real estate sector.

Lendlease have committed to eliminating carbon emissions by 2040 with two targets being outlined by the company.

Firstly, to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025 by reducing emissions from brunt fuels as well as reducing power usage.

Secondly, achieving zero carbon emissions by 2040, by eliminating all emissions including emissions from materials produced by the company.

Lendlease Group CEO and Managing Director Designate Tony Lombardo said the campaign and targets will help to inspire sustainable business approaches.

“Given what’s at stake, it’s no longer enough to make ambitious commitments without translating them into real and tangible outcomes,” Lambardo said.

“Industry collaboration is critical in order for our sector to meaningfully reduce its carbon footprint.”

The Mission Zero campaign was developed by Lendlease in partnership with Houston Group and Canopy.

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