Level Crossing Removal project embraces sustainability

level crossing removal sustainability

The Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) at Brunt Road, Beaconsfield is setting a new benchmark in sustainability and social responsibility.

As part of the project to remove the congested level crossing via a new road bridge over the rail line, the LXRP is working with OC Connections Enterprises and RPM Pipes to use Eco T-Top Bollards and 100 per cent recycled pipes.

A t-top bollard is a short post used to guide traffic and mark boundaries on construction sites. The bollards help workers and the community to safely navigate around road works.

The OC Eco T-Top Bollard is the first locally manufactured t-top bollard made by a Social Traders Certified Social Enterprise from 100 per cent recycled plastics.

It has been carefully benchmarked against imported bollards made from virgin plastics, ensuring optimal strength, flexibility and durability.

The RPM Pipes on the project are used for drainage, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pipes. The pipes offer a second life to discarded plastics and reduces greenhouse emissions.

The LXRP is leading the way in sustainable infrastructure development, by actively seeking ecofriendly alternatives such as the Eco T-Top bollards and recycled pipes to minimise the project’s environmental footprint.

For more information, visit: www.bigbuild.vic.gov.au

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