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Lincom CRS Mobile Picking Station

Lincom CRS mobile picking station
The CRS Mobile Picking Station was designed for businesses that require an easily transportable solution for material stream separation.

The four-bay machine can be fed by any screener or trommel, with its heavy duty feed hopper offering customers high throughput with eight separate picks.

The CRS Mobile Picking Station can be manoeuvred easily on to a new site with the fifth wheel pin hook-up. It is also quick to set up, ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Once on site, it is simple and safe to assemble, using four separately controlled, hydraulic jacking legs, ideal for sites with uneven ground conditions. It comes with a remote control to allow the operator to keep a safe distance during the set-up process. Double-sided walkways provide added safety with ease of access.

A variable speed control for the picking belt and an economically quiet power unit all contribute to the machine’s efficiency.

The unit has 36-metre skip access, which allows a higher storage than the standard machines previously available on the market. This provides longer operating hours between skip changes, resulting in better daily throughputs.

Specifically designed for transportation from site to site, quick set-up time and to offer higher daily production, the CRS Mobile Picking Station is built robustly to withstand the toughest of materials and any waste material picking challenge.


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